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Life Simply Put: 18 Simple Words for an Abundant Life

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“Life Simply Put” an Amazon Best Seller. It is a mothers view on 18 Simple Words for an Abundant Life. It is the authors hope that through reading this book you will be inspired to dream big, laugh often and live a life full of adventure and truth. May you always give and get respect and know that you matter!
Relieve Stress – Live your best life – Be good to yourself!
This is the kind of book you may read through all at once then during different times in your life you may reread various sections to reflect on decisions and life choices for the pursuit of your happiness and well being.

“Every page is a delight to contemplate” Wayne W Dyer

“Life Simply Put” was awarded “The Trafford Publishing Gold Seal of Literary Excellence” The Gold seal was added to the front cover as well Dr. Wayne Dyers endorsement and the US Review of Books quote were added to the back cover.

Praise for Life Simply Put

“Every page is a delight to contemplate”-Dr. Wayne Dyer-Author, Motivational Speaker

“Sheena L. Smith is a woman who clearly views the proverbial glass as half full. Her book, Life Simply Put, is a charming inspirational work that focuses on the pursuit of happiness. Here, Smith highlights 18 words whose essence she asserts, when considered in our daily lives, can ultimately translate to balance and fulfillment”- US Review of Nooks by Carol Davala Full Review:

 “It’s beautiful in its simplicity and one that I will use to pick up and see what pages opens for me and use that as my inspiring mind-set for the day. This book would make a wonderful gift that would be treasured by the recipient” Bo Bradley, Author of Best Seller “Achieving the Dream”

This book is a beautiful expression of how people should interact/ It teaches love, respect, humanity, humility, and peace. While teaching for the individual it encourages us to share these qualities with others so that we can not only improve our lives, but the lives of others as well. Sheena teaches us to encourage positive symbiotic relationships that are mutualistic rather than parasitic. She wants us to help ourselves, while helping others. Life Simply Put teaches us how we should also embrace, love, and learn about the people or things that are different from us. Read this for yourself, for your children, for your partner. Then encourage them to do the same. This is definitely a book that needs to be read often to remind us how important it is to care more about our selves, our jobs, our phones, and all of the inconsequential things that exist. It should be shared, so that others can do the same so that Sheena’s very important message is allowed to change our world in the positive way it can, if people would really listen and learn what’s truly important in life.-J.W.

In a day and age when people are scrambling for a bit of peace of mind, being tossed to and fro and feeling like their life doesn’t belong to them, along comes a simple collection of thoughts in a book, which offers the reader a pleasant moment of escape. From the time you open this book, you perceive it’s simplicity yet thoughtful insights and the vision of a person who has embraced the best things out of life, regardless of the mountain tops or valleys that it offers. The pictures are many moments captured in the life of the author and aptly reflect the wisdom written about the 18 values that bring out the best in us all. This is not a how to book, but rather a moment of reflection that is best to be enjoyed in the comfort of your favorite place of tranquility, if you have one. If not…slow down, find one, grab a hot cup of whatever comforts you and enjoy this book. Perhaps it’s pages will help you appreciate and dwell on the good things in your own life and help shape a better outlook for you and towards those you have been blessed to know. Well done Sheena ! -Karl Z.

Life Simply Put is a lovely book that resonates with deep wisdom and understanding. I love how the author starts with a powerful quote at the beginning of each chapter and a picture that really drives home the emotional point that she is getting at. Each brief but powerful chapter in this book reminds you how to live a fuller and happier life. I can only imagine the good that would spread through the world if we all took the time to follow these principles. -Josh M.

Powerful words for a wonderful life. I loved this book from beginning to end, but my favorite was LAUGH! Over the years, the best times I have had began and ended with laughter. Sheena provides encouragement and hope to the reader, I am excited to have her autograph a copy for my mom for mothers day! Excellent, uplifting, wonderful, unique! Thanks for sharing your wisdom Sheena:) – Terry A.

The book inspires to be the best you can be with what you have. It makes you have hope and faith. -Jenat M.

Life Simply Put is an inspiring read. I found it truly captivating and enriching. I love how the author focuses on simple principles to achieve a fulfilled life.I am looking forward to the sequel. -Rose

Everyone should read this book you think your life is rough until you here or read about someone else’s, this book gave me a different look on life. It is even good for older people to read gives them encouragement. -MaryJane King

I am so delighted that I purchased this book! It was enlightening, refreshing and written from the heart. Thank you Sheena. -Lisa

Life Simply Put: 18 Simple Words for an Abundant Life by Sheena L. Smith  Publisher Trafford Publishing Review by Carol Davala 

“You are responsible for your own happiness. Make choices that will honor your spirit and bring you joy.”

Sheena L. Smith is a woman who clearly views the proverbial glass as half full. Her book, Life Simply Put, is a charming, inspirational work that focuses on the pursuit of happiness. Here, Smith highlights 18 words whose essence she asserts, when considered in our daily lives, can ultimately translate to balance and fulfillment.

In this book of life affirmations, the author’s advice and suggestions range from concepts of living life to the fullest, counting your blessings, following your instincts, living in the now, and to “Dream big!” Smith’s effort is a quick read, but more appropriately it serves as a small volume to page through slowly, revisit the word choices, and reflect on the positive life influences they enumerate. While words like faith, hope, and gratitude might be expected, more surprising is the push behind words like play, adventure, and grace that Smith emphasizes as integral elements for achieving life’s best.

Candid photographs provide visual translations, while inspirational quotes correspond with the word selections. From a golden sunrise to a fiery orange sunset, nuzzling pups to thrill-seeking skydivers, family snapshots and colorful images of world travel, each suggests a note of tranquility or exuberance. These life affirmations are creatively bolstered by Native American proverbs, literary quotes, and celebrity voices adding words for reflective thought.

While Smith’s words are simple, they are truly powerful. Readers will be challenged to consider their application in terms of positive self transformation. For those looking for further encouragement, the author kindly offers a reading list that includes several titles from Hay House, a well-known publisher of books that focus on well-being, inspiration, and personal growth

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