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In this e-book that covers topics from the importance of spiritual activism to the gift of pain and misfortune, you will discover not only the 5 Secrets, but…

~How to have certainty that you’re really living your “dharma,” the reason you were born on earth at this time

~What her first teacher, the spiritual master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told her about standing in fear and letting love flow

~Why the Course in Miracles says you need to take action even before you’re ready

Debra also shares the story of when she was in deep despair and her son had to remind me of my own teaching.

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  • You will discover proven methods to assist your students in becoming more “life ready” when they graduate to our new world of employment and careers of the 21 st century
  • Maintain or regain your love of teaching and working with students. Self mastery of emotions and thoughts are true power.
  • Learn how the body and brain (mind) are intricately linked on all levels physically and psychologically including emotions, decision making processes and wellness. Understand why daily, regular movement is not only essential but critically important.
  • Explore valuable “energy” techniques that enable you and your student to acquire, maintain balance mind, body and spirit.
  • Reduce overwhelm and frustration through growth mindset and self care strategies

This book will help you understand your key role in the future of education not just as  a teacher but as a coach to guide, motivate and inspire students to achieve their own level of greatness through use of their own skills, natural gifts and talents.


Sheena L. Smith enjoys working with children to help them reach their full potential. She has worked for over 40 years with children in a variety of settings including 20 years in the educational system with children of all ages and abilities. With this book she hopes to inspire you to believe in yourself in your efforts as an educator, parent, or childcare worker and to have inner knowing that there is always hope.

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Praise for All Kids Can Thrive…  

Sheena Smith offers a powerful system for helping students live happy, thriving lives by discovering how to be self-reflective, resilient, and empowered. “All Kids Can Thrive” is a valuable resource to help guide your students to shine brightly in their own unique ways.

Marci Shimoff -#1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Featured Teacher in “The Secret”

The teacher of the future will be more of a coach. You will need skills to “coach” your students to become the best version of themselves. “All Kids Can Thrive” will help you build a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Through use of strategies students can discover how we are all connected by our similarities and yet valued for our differences and unique contribution. I encourage you to read this thoughtful and valuable book and use its suggestions to lead with your heart and intuition.

Suzanne Lawlor, M.A.- Master Coach, Director of Coaching for Your Year of Miracles

Neuroplasticity is more than a buzz word it is a blessing to know that learning potential is endless with the application of repatterning and brain enhancing exercises. Sheena’s book provides you with an introduction to some of the many proven & effective techniques for improving the functioning of your brain to consistently rewire your brain for lasting positive changes. Sheena has the beautiful gift of being able to see children as whole and complete exactly the way they are which enables her to help them reach their full potential. I believe there are angels on this planet tapped to do the work Sheena naturally does in this world and her work is very needed at this time.

Lisa Garr – Host of the Aware Show and Being Aware. Author: Becoming Aware: How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life.

“As exemplars for teaching students about life, moral values, education, and unity consciousness you have a tremendous opportunity in your hands. I know you will enjoy this resource filled with valuable wisdom, useful tools and insights for teachers, educational assistants, and support staff alike. Thank you, Sheena, for your wonderful insights for our youth.”  

Dr. Sue Morter -Author “The Energy Codes: The 7 Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life,” International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary.

Excerpt from the Foreword by Debra Poneman

Sheena has done extensive research and shares time-tested tools and techniques that educators (and parents!) can use to help children to flourish. Those include being mindful and respectful of others, reaching out to those with differences, being self-aware, developing critical thinking, being effective communicators, exhibiting emotional competence, and believing in themselves.

Perhaps even more importantly, she also offers ways that educators can create environments where our young ones feel honoured and respected for exactly who they are.  …

At a time when our educational system and our world as a whole desperately need people for our children to look up to who exhibit positive behaviors like taking responsibility for their choices, mastering their emotions, seeking to understand, speaking the truth, and practicing forgiveness, we have the ultimate handbook for becoming those people in All Kids Can Thrive.  

More Praise…

All Kids Can Thrive is right on the mark. As a former School Principal, I recognized that when a teacher is attuned to the pulse of children in their class as they arrive, they can turn a day around. All teachers have the ability to empower every student to realize the potential and purpose in learning and to take on its challenges. The role of a teacher is a critical one on the path of a child’s development. That children be given a sense of belonging can significantly affect the learning environment as a whole, and as such, teachers have a vital role in shaping a society. This can have a serious impact on learning and affect the direction a child will take in life. Rose Bresolin is a former School Principal, a Writer and a Personal Life Coach. You can visit her on her website…

“In all the years that I have known Sheena Smith, I’ve been constantly inspired by her dedication, integrity, calm, and patience as a parent, educator and coach. I’ve seen first-hand how she walks her talk and have been impressed with her dedication and on-going support helping others in their pursuit to children thriving each and every day. This book is a must read for anyone working with children.” Beth McBlain, writer, publisher, entrepreneur  

I really enjoyed reading “All Kids Can Thrive” written by Sheena Smith. The information Sheena shares is invaluable to all adults working in a scholastic environment. In reading this book, we can all learn more strategies that will help every child reach their potential! I give this book an A+  Laura Arella-Grade 6 Teacher  (OCT)

ALL KIDS CAN THRIVE is a must read for anyone working with children.  It is a practical user-friendly resource that incorporates a variety of concrete classroom strategies with the holistic visions of  a wide variety of experts from Coloroso and Covey to Hay. Ms. Smith stresses the importance of incorporating and modelling mindfulness and reframing in the classroom. Her personal experience with Down Syndrome and Spina bifida gives the reader greater insight into the challenges faced by these children. I think that this book should be required reading for those planning to engage with children in any field. Jan Fluke, B.A. Reading Specialist, Children’s book author

“This book isn’t just for teachers, it’s for all parents and people who work with kids. And it’s not just for disabled or neurodiverse kids, it’s to help all kids thrive. The techniques in this book are well thought out and supported by the research. The number of resources are staggering. Best of all, it’s not a dry text meant for researchers. It’s a straightforward book for everyone who loves kids and wants to help them become their best in a respectful, heart-centered approach. Education would evolve into something amazing if every parent, teacher, and administrator added in even a few of the suggestions in Sheena Smith’s book.” – Kathy Oaks, author of “Homeschoolers Are Not Hermits” and “Why I Love Homeschooling Neurodiverse Kids”

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