Are you feeling down, depressed, and blue? Ugh…Me too! It is end of summer and kind of like the end of March break for those of us who never went back to school or work, except for online. I worked online as an educational assistant and my son with special needs participated online for school. The return to school seems strange and so uncertain. We had training last week for 3 days on new policies and procedures for safety and the staggered return to school.

For the most part, the day will consist of orchestrated movements around the school between arrival, nutrition breaks, recess, and departure. Principals and administration have my sympathy currently. What a challenging time. Every step of the day requires so much consideration, especially in a large school.

Along with the blues there is so much confusion and fear going around about the virus, the use of masks, the best kinds of masks to use. So many unknowns …how it spreads? Will I get it? I have a low immune system. If I get it will I survive? Can you get it again if you survived? Have I had it? I have heard many say they that they feel that they had it earlier in the year before the outbreak. I feel like I had it late January, I was in bed for a few days, low grade fever, the chills were unbearable ( moving caused them to increase), my body ached like I was run over by an 18 wheeler transport. I have had juvenile arthritis my whole my life and the all over body pain was excruciating. The pain in my lungs when I took a deep breath was one that I have never experienced even through bouts of bronchial asthma. I feel like I have residual affects from it as well.

Symptoms…Another confusing aspect of covid-19. The list keeps growing. I am beginning to think if you have a hang nail you must have covid-19. Just joking check with health sites for the most updated symptom list.

Asymptomatic? That is the most confusing, If I had it but never showed signs how will I ever know? How high are the risks of getting it? Should I just hibernate forever? Pondering if I am I a terrible mom if I send my child for his education and social skill building? Am I operating too much on fear if I do not send him? The decisions can be overwhelming. Congratulations on whatever decision you have decided to make for your child I am sure the decision you made was not taken lightly nor was it easy.

Now what? The whole pandemic scenario and decision-making process has been an opportunity for skill building and use of your tools to avoid the recipe for stress and fear, which is not asking questions, focusing on negative, not giving your own self care a priority.

  1. Keep in mind the power of focus. Focus on what is positive and good.
  2. Ask questions! It is your child’s and your health at risk. You have the right to know if you are being protected and then decide if you feel safe based on the answers that you receive.
  3. Avoid self doubt go by your intuition. Let your intuition be your guide. If you feel a situation is unsafe or you feel like you need to change your mind on your choices. Follow your heart and do so.
  4. Self care will be the best thing that you can do for yourself and your family at this time. Use all your strategies: meditation, journal, gratitude, exercise, nutritious foods, drink plenty of water.
  5. Feeling stressed? Put your hand on your heart, take a breath and ask what is the most loving thing that I can do for myself at this moment, and then do it!

And now, as we move onto the next season Autumn, it is a perfect reminder to be present, find beauty in what is around us and like the gently falling leaves do… let go of fear and worries and know the best is yet to come! Believe!

Be confident and hope filled! It is time to drop the blues and add oranges, reds, yellows, browns…. All the beautiful colors that Autumn brings…. Bring on pumpkins, spice and everything nice. I look forward to wearing leggings, tall boots, warm comfy oversized sweaters and drinking hot apple cider. What do you look forward to?

I am ready! Are you?

To your health & wellness,


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