11 Ways to Make Happiness Your Choice during Times of Crisis and Isolation:

It truly is YOUR Choice! With so much overwhelm and stress in our lives these days due to this recent pandemic of Covid-19, we really must be mindful and aware how we create our own happiness just as much as we can create unhappiness. The quickest way to unhappiness is comparison. The easiest way to happiness is gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for. Always!

How are you feeling? Are you feeling isolated and alone? Are you feeling jealous and sad when you see others having things seemingly “easier” or “better” in life that you feel you should have as well you may find yourself falling into the zone of unhappiness. Are you wishing for things to be different than they are?  Are you feeling angry and resentful because this isn’t the way life “should”be?  What are you thinking? Feeling? Are you  feeling like things are going downhill?  Are you afraid?  The world can feel like a  scary place right now!  Are you simply wishing for things to be different than they are right now?

This can be a powerful  time of growth and self reflection. More than ever people are called upon to be stronger, resourceful and more resilient. They are forced to switch their whole lifestyles, completely change their routines, face financial uncertainty and reassess what truly matters most. It is a time to make self care a top priority. what you focus on may make all the difference between being happy or not being happy.

What have you been focusing on? Is it causing you to go down that rabbit hole of darkness? depression? sadness? If so …

It’s time to change your focus. You always get more of what you focus on. There is no better time then now to focus on everything that is good and right while at the same time it’s a great time to express your feelings constructively.

Here are some of my favorite ways to make happiness my choice….
1. Spend quality time with family (if you live with them in person) and family/friends (online for the time being through social media sources) doing “fun” activities where you can share laughter and love.

2. Get enough sleep. You’ll be more productive and happier when you are well rested. People are feeling many emotions during this time ranging from sadness, grief, anger and even depression. Our lives have been thrown into and a whole new way of being. Eventually a new found sense of being will come to be. Then, peace will be found through reflecting, resting and determining what your priorities are.

3. Go outside and enjoy plenty of fresh air. Being in nature can help you feel grounded and energized.

4. Exercise-there are so many benefits to exercise. Find something that you love to do and do it often.  Dance-Dance-Dance!

5. Meditate and/or find time to relax, unwind and listen to energizing music. It can ease your mind and restore your soul.

6.  Play-especially if you have children get out and play with them. You’ll feel younger for it. (watch for my upcoming post on activities to do and games to play)

7. Find ways to be of service to others. Giving back promotes a feeling of wellness and belonging. You can definitely make the world a better place somehow. We all have our gifts. Send someone a surprise supper, a pamper gift (bubble bath, candle, wine, chocolates), send a card or handwritten note. Send a gift card or certificate for a local business to help support them now during their challenging times. Call someone and check in on them. I have sent out over 140 cards since March to check in on people and remind them to stay safe and be well.

8. Smile and laugh daily-even if it means turning on a comedy channel. Find funny shows on you tube. Videos of pets doing silly things always makes people laugh and smile.

9. Have plans and goals and take steps to move forward each day. Your success depends upon it. Take advantage of this time to finish your home to-do lists. Organize your home. Take the de clutter challenge. For 9 days straight throw out or recycle 27 items to give away, get rid of or sell. If you miss a day you have to start over. It’s a very freeing feeling to release and let go of items you do not use, are broken, or you haven’t used in years.

10. For fun, Plan for future travel and the adventures you will have when this is over. While you are dreaming of your trip(s) you can raise your vibration through thinking of all the amazing experiences you will have when you go on this future trip.

11. Last but not least…..make it a priority to express your gratitude daily. Choose faith over fear! Throughout the day consciously be thankful. Each night write out all the things you experienced throughout the day that you are thankful and grateful for. Go off to sleep in your “gratitude” mindset and you will marinate in that positively throughout the night.  Sweet Dreams and Keep Smiling!

Get your free journal here-a gift from me. enjoy!

What are your favorite ways to find your smile and be happy? Are you wrinting in a journal daily? What are you doing for self care? What’s your best tip? Add in below in the comments.

Sending you love,


P.S. Please note this article is for informational purposes. It is not a substitute for seeking medical assistance and advice from your physician. If you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed please contact professional assistance.

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